frequently asked questions

Why do I need my roof replaced?

The biggest reason is that you have an old roof and it’s starting to leak. The second is that you have Hail or Wind Damage. If your roof is more than 15 years old it has gone through a lot of storms. The damage may already be there but it’s not apparent, however; to the trained professionals at Incline Roofing the damage might be extensive and repairs could be covered by your insurance company.

Why is my roof damaged?

In this area, the largest cause of roof damage is Hail and Wind damage.

Do I need a new roof or just a repair?

Not necessarily but it won't hurt to have a Free inspection by On-Demand Roofing. If we don’t find anything you will not be out of any money.

Signs of a Damaged Roof

Damaged shingles are the most obvious sign of a roof problem. Shingles may be curling, missing, Impact dents, discoloring, or may have scratches, etc. Flashing, sealing, and gutters can also have signs of wear and tear. Water damage inside the home is another sign. It can indicate a leaking roof. The signs may be less obvious to a non-professional. Let On Demand Roofing confirm once and for all. We will not disappoint you.